For the professional artist:

Coaching Artists to achieve greater successes in the business side of their creative careers

So that your creativity can bring as much joy to others as it does to you


“Coaching”:....Facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another.

“Coaching”:....Training or development in which a person called a "coach" supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal.

“Coaching”:....Often refers to an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance with the goal of helping the learner to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their desired results.

“Coaching”:....Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.

If your goals are to:

  • Increase prices of your individual works by 25% or more

  • Increase the volume of work you sell every year 25% or more

  • Increase total $$ Dollar $$ sales every year 40% or more

Then Welcome !      I absolutely can help you achieve those goals.

Who are you:

Let me guess;…. you are either enjoying the creative life professionally but are not quite earning enough to survive on the proceeds in the manor to which you aspire, OR you are considering a career change from your unfulfilling day job and want to commit, full time, to your creative passion but are terrified that you may not earn enough to survive financially and don’t know quite where to start.     If you are like 99.99% of the rest of us who either already do or deeply desire to consider ourselves a professional“artist”, then one of those circumstances probably describes you.   I can help.

The art world can truly seem unfair.    It sometimes seems like the good old boys club where you need to be a lifetime member to get in the door.    It feels like someone really important, with all of the right connections, has to discover and really love you, or you will never get past the doorman into the art world.   And if you want to spend all of your time in your studio creating, that pretty much sums it up.

Even if you practice your craft daily for years and refine your artistic “voice” into something uniquely appealing to the masses or even just one little niche market, it’s most often still not nearly enough to succeed.    As I have learned from decades in the business world, there are millions of great ideas out there in the world.  I’ve actually written patents for a number of them.    However, much like a painting or your next creative project,  if they are ever to see the light of day on the market and find their way into the hands of a consumer who is happy to pay handsomely you for it, all fine art needs be marketed and sold first.    Marketing and Sales  these are foreign and scary words for most creatives.

You can either rely on the art establishment and hope that someone takes the ball and runs with it for you , or you can take control of your own destiny.  

Who am I:

I subscribe to the analogy;  "If you give someone a fish, you may feed them for a day but if you teach them to fish, you feed them for a lifetime." 

Rose painting - artist Fort (PS) .jpg

I am an artist with a business and career coaching background.   As an artist, I have increased my average  prices, volumes, and profitability every year since entering the fine art world and have sold paintings of my own creation for as high as $4,500.  I have combine what I have learned over 30 years in business with the constant development and refinement of my unique artistic voice over a short 14 year artistic career so that I now target both my creative activities and my marketing specifically with intent to sell my works for a sufficient price which will support all of the associated costs to create.

Those costs include:

  •  My time.   ( If I can’t make $50 per hour for my painting time then I can’t afford to support myself and I need to consider it a hobby and focus elsewhere for an income.)
  • The high rent of studio space.
  • All sales, marketing, accounting, and other administrative cost.
  • Sales commissions to galleries, artist reps, exhibits, or other retail agents.
  • All associated art supplies and materials cost.
  • Packaging, shipping, costs
  • Any and all travel & delivery costs associated with all of the above.

Then one actually has to understand all of the associated options in the broader picture and know where and how to spend a reasonable balance of one’s time and energy in all of the above categories so as to achieve one’s own personal goals for sustainable profit.

You can see my complete Professional Bio  below that I’m not a marketing executive by training.   However, after having built a number of companies over the years, and having worn many hats in the process, including V.P. of Sales and Business Development.    I understand enough to know that almost nothing ever gets sold or purchased without some level of marketing.  And marketing does not happen in the studio unless you are on the phone there, working at your computer, hosting community events, or teaching classes there.   However, once we dive deeper into basic marketing strategy,  you will likely begin to see new opportunities every day in your community and through the internet out into the rest of the globe for marketing your work.  Then you will also likely alter the path of your creative direction in the studio to create even more “marketable” variations on your work.

Coaching Credentials:

Besides a 30 year career in business, I have also spent that same 3 decades actively pursuing personal growth.   When I was 21 and transitioned from blue collar work to white collar sales, my manager wisely encouraged me to start studying human behavior.   I became so interested in the psychology of human behavior that I began to read almost constantly about it.  Though initially it was a form of sales training  I eventually became conscientious about the psychology of my own behaviors as well as everyone I interacted with.  I quickly began to translate these studies towards my own personal growth.  It also contributed greatly to my successes in business.   Had I not pursued these introspective studies, I would never have known how important that it was to my soul to make the commitment towards exploration of my own creativity which has led me to a career in Fine Art and creative career coaching.    My career path is so much more fulfilling to me now based on the creative course deviations that I have made as a result.   I am a Career Coach, not  a “life coach” however, I have spent a couple of hours a day studying human behavior and the peace, harmony, and happiness of personal growth for the past 30 years and the two forms of coaching are very closely related.

As a Creative Career Coach I am uniquely qualified based on the past 3 decades of my own career.     My more recent 18 year long career in executive recruiting in the Silicon Valley led me to realize that my favorite aspect of recruiting was the almost constant “career coaching” that I was asked to provide by the many hundreds of candidates that I interviewed along the way but yet whom did not actually end up being the one candidate hired by the client to fill the role.   They would ask for my help and I would gladly provide it.   Even though I could not really afford to take the time, I would do it anyway as a matter of satisfying my own desire to help others.  For most of the past two decades,  I have been applying the career coaching concepts to my own career which took me, not only deeper into career coaching in the Silicon Valley, but also deeper into exploration of my own creative passions.   I followed both of these aptitudes/passions to find myself in my own “dream job”.   I have combined my love for helping others and applying what I have learned about marketing and sales towards my own successful fine art business as an artist whole also combining that knowledge with all of my prior career coaching skills, experience,  and talents into my Fine Art Coaching practice.

And here you are.   Tell me how I can help you in The questionnaire below and let’s schedule a free phone consultation to explore together whether or not we, together,  might help guide you in a positive direction towards the next few steps of your own creative “Dream Job”.

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